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The Saffron team brings decades of experience in education, startups, advisory, and customer success. Our consultants have all worked in the blockchain space, and will use their learnings to serve your company.

Saffron prides itself on having a realistic view of this technology and its capabilities.

What We Provide


Are you struggling to determine how blockchain works and the impact it will have on your company's future?

Saffron will structure a hands-on day of learning - tailored to your industry - so you will feel comfortable evaluating use cases and prepared to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Do you have an idea for how blockchain can be implemented in your business?

Saffron will work with you to flesh out your idea - developing testable prototypes and iterating until the idea is ready for development.

Use Case Development

Are you evaluating blockchain tools to deploy in your company? Do you think a token could unlock business value for your organization?

Saffron will help you evaluate products and determine which ones are worthy of investment.


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